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Roll Purse Organizer

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Details & Features

The Roll Purse Organizer is one of the most unique organizers we have in our inventory. Simply unroll the organizer onto your table and insert your items in high quality and durable pockets. The pockets can store a variation of items ranging from small to large size items. If you have a small purse, simply roll this organizer tighter, or if you have a large purse, you can fit more items in the organizer and roll it looser!

There are two buttons and a string to tie the organizer to keep your items secured with having it fall into your purse. There are also two secured pockets attached to this organizer. One secured pocket has a cover where you can conceal and securely store your valuable items. The other pocket allows you to fit cards (credit cards, transit cards, key cards, etc.) Since this pocket faces near the front of the organizer, you can easily swipe your card with your purse when you pay your transit fare or enter buildings that require key card access without taking your card out!

The organizer is made out of 100% oxford fabric to keep your purse and items safe from scratches. This will allow you to keep your electronics and other items without scratching any of your items. There is also an extra layer of cotton in between the front and the inside of the organizer to increase item protection.

This organizer is perfect when you travel, you don’t need to buy an extra travel bag anymore, just roll up your items in your Roll Purse Organizer!

Please note that our version of the Roll Purse Organizer is manufactured and imported directly from South Korea. Please be aware of imitation products that are out there in the market today.

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