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Slim Moment Scheduler

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Details & Features

The Slim Moment Scheduler is a simple and cute scheduler! The Slim Moment Scheduler contains a total of 160 pages divided into the following sections:

  • 2 pages of Calendar
  • 24 pages of Monthly Plan
  • 106 pages of Weekly Plan
  • 25 pages of Grid Notes
  • 1 page of Personal Information

The Slim Moment Scheduler is dateless planner so you can start, and fill in whenever you want! A convenient little pocket is attached on the inner front cover for you to store your stickers, photos, cards, memos and more! A ribbon bookmark is included for you to easily find your place. On the back inner cover, a pen holder is attached for you to store your pen so you can write in the planner anytime, anywhere! With it’s slim and compacted size, the cute Slim Moment Scheduler can easily fit into your purse, backpack, tote, suitcases and more! Please check out the photos to learn more!

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