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Paris Scheduler v2

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Details & Features

The Paris Scheduler v2 is a simple and useful scheduler. The Paris Scheduler v2 contains a total of 192 pages divided into the following sections:

  • 1 pages of Introduction
  • 4 pages of Yearly Plan
  • 24 pages of Monthly Plan Introduction
  • 24 pages of Monthly Plan
  • 120 pages of Weekly Plan
  • 18 pages of Lined Notes
  • 1 page of Personal Information

The Paris Scheduler v2 is a dateless planner so you can start planning anytime you want! Immerse yourself in beautiful photos of Paris! A PVC cover is included to protect your scheduler for dirt or water. The Paris Scheduler v2 is a great scheduler to use for school, work, travel or planning your personal events! Especially a good planner if you are working towards a trip to Paris. This will keep reminding you of your final goal! Please check out a photos to learn more!

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