What is the replacement policy?

We replace all items that are damaged or defective on arrival within 30 days of our shipment date!

Product defects are very rare but it does happen! We are very good at taking out defective items from our inventory but a few do slip through and gets sent out. We do everything we can to replace the defective item for you and there are absolutely no costs involved.

On arrival of our shipments please make sure that all items we sent are in proper and usable condition.

How do I begin the replacement process?

If there are any product defects please send in a replacement request to immediately. If applicable, please also include photos of the defect so that we can evaluate the defect. Once we have evaluated the defect we will set up a new shipment for you to replace the item completely free of cost.

If we need the defective item returned back to us we will also send you a prepaid return label within the new shipment where you can easily ship it back to us at our expense.